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CEO's Message
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Good to Great, Great to Green.
Above a good company to great, beyond a great company to Green

We welcome those who care and support SNOGEN GREEN.

SNOGEN GREEN has been growing steadily and positioning itself to become a key partner to countless of customers.
Spreading out its branches towards the world became
shaped into a global company and setting down strong roots not only domestically but in Indonesia, Vietnam, and in Tiwan.
In addition, responding flexibly to the rapidly changing world affairs by proceeding new investments in Vietnam for Trans-Pacific
Partnership, and improving productivity through strengthening manufacturing capabilities. Throught improvement in such core competencies.
and creation of new markets and enhancement of R&D capabilities we have been creating future value.

SNOGEN GREEN strives to be a company where all employees and everyone associated with Green can prosper. Through high quality services,
creating jobs and enthusiastically carrying out corporate ethics we value our role and responsibility as an exemplary member of the community.
Moreover, through supporting social development and improving the life quality at our manufacturing countries we aim to fulfill international
ethics accordingly.

At this very monment, SNOGEN GREEN's employees are concentrating on making efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. SNOGEN GREEN, thanks
each and every one for the trust and generous support that enabled us to reach our current position.

Recognizing the support and belief from everyone, we will thrive to be a global fashion leading company.

We sincerely wish happiness and good health to you and your family.
Thank you.